Keeping Our Word

Keeping our word is one of the biggest definers of our character. It would be a wise thing to measure our words and promises before be speak. This happens more than you might think and from people you wouldn’t expect it from. I think part of the problem is we get excited about something and at the moment we truly intend to keep our word, but easily forget. This is especially damaging to young people and teens. They look at most adults with honor and respect. When we fail to keep our word we can literally change the course of a young person’s life.   Young people want so much to trust anyone in a leadership position, be it a parent, older sibling, youth leaders, pastors, teachers, or grandparents. (Not conclusive list) but you get the point.


For instance….”I’ll call you…Let’s get together… Meet me at this time… I’d love to talk with you… I’ll take you… I’ll buy you….I’ll be there. You get the point. Think how much you as an adult are affected by someone not keeping their word and then put yourself in the place of a young person, or teen that is working on trust issues already, just by being young with so many changes happening to them, inside and out.

Consider your own kids, or grandkids. How would you feel if someone your child respected, and honored promised, or gave their word to them and never came through on it? Then consider if it happened more than once.

I think it’s a wiser thing to be more careful when we speak, or just keep our word, even if it costs us. Don’t you?

May the Lord open the eyes of our understanding on this, and may He help us correct it.




Where do you go when you are stressed and struggling? Do you go into a rage, have a fit, yell, scream, and throw things? Do you go inward and avoid everyone and everything? Maybe you head for the bar, liquor or drugs. Perhaps, you don’t do any of that. Maybe you grab your keys and head for the mall, stopping on the way for a double cheeseburger with fries…super-sized, of course.

Have we been blinded to think that any of this will hold the answers to life’s situations? Really, all these things, most likely will just add to the level of stress we are already experiencing. The right choice in these moments is critical.

Where do your children see you go when things get hard? Are they learning to handle things in the same way you handle them? Will they go to the same places and get the same results?

What if, when they see things come against you, they watch you head for your Bible, or go to a quiet place to pray? Wow, what a wonderful thing for them to learn. What if they would learn from you, where to go for the real answers?

All of us will go through tough things in life. How we deal with them can be a matter of life and death.

So when things come, and they will… run to the Rock called Jesus, not the rock called cocaine. Run to the arms of the Savior, not the arms of another man or woman. You’ve heard it said before, run to the throne, not the phone. Let us run to the Bread of Life, not the bakery. Let us run to the Rose of Sharon (Jesus), not the leaves of mind-altering drugs. Let’s drop on our knees, not shop tell we drop.

Where do you go when things get tough? Where do others see you go? Does it even matter to you? I hope so! We can change things, one home at a time, if we go to the right place--God.



Knowledge Should Never Cease

Proverbs 1:5

J R Miller

The wise man never ceases to be a learner. He never gets to a point where he feels satisfied with his attainments.

Many a man, who starts out with great promise in early life, by and by loses his energy and fails of his early hope, because in the elation of his first successes he stopped learning, and then growth was at an end, and when growth stops decay begins.

An old artist had for his motto: "Nulla dies sine linea" (No day without a line). Every day he would add one line, at least, to his knowledge and attainment.

There could be no better motto for any life, young or old. Every day we should learn something we did not know before, add some new fact to our store of knowledge. Every day we should get some new lesson into our life, learn at some point to live better.

This applies to secular life - there should be daily progress in the business or profession we pursue. It also needs to apply to spiritual life - no day should be without its added line of likeness to Christ.


How amazingly wonderful it is to know we can start over! What a great, loving, kind, forgiving God we serve. He’s on our side, not against us.

And just so you know…we’re not waiting on Him to fix or change things, He’s waiting on us to do what He’s already told us we can do, what we can be, and what we can have.

I was trying to print something a bit ago and I received a message… {Printer not responding}. I had a disconnect somewhere. I could not get the job done until I shut everything down and started over.

I could have yelled at the printer, pushed buttons, made statements like….”this will never work….I can’t do this….I give up.” And guess what? My paper would still not be printed. When I got my connections in line with the computer and printer….It worked!!!

That’s kind of how life, and God is. Many become disconnected with the power source (God) and wonder why things aren’t working out, or something jumps on the band of life and stalls us out.  

We get frustrated, upset, and depressed and still nothing goes our way.

Take a deep breath, remember who you are, tell the enemy to take a hike, and present your case before the Lord.

Isaiah 43:25-26 is an awesome couple of verses. It starts with an enormous promise of forgiveness. After you read this scripture, you should be dancing a jig!!!

25 “I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions for My own sake;
And I will not remember your sins.
26 Put Me in remembrance;
Let us contend together;
State your case, that you may be acquitted.

You might be asking how do I state my case. Well, if as the scripture states, you have just been forgiven for everything and God doesn’t remember it any longer, what do you want Him to remember?

State you case;

My case to God;

God, remember that You sent Jesus to save me. Remember You healed me. Remember You have provided for me. Remember You have set me free from fear and doubt. I am a child of Yours, and I have favor with You and man. I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. You get the point…Right?

If Jesus is your Lord and Savior…you have been acquitted. Man… that is great news. If He’s not your Lord and Savior, ask Him to be!!! He has NEVER turned anyone who comes to Him away. He won’t start with you.