Obesity's Child


Is that you, or someone you know?

That was me. I belonged to the obesity club as far back as I can remember. I was obesity’s possession. Some of you may not be familiar with this ‘not-so-elite’ club.

I was inducted to the obesity club at a very young age, and not of my own free will. My parents signed me up to be a life-long member. Let me tell you a bit of what this club offers.

If you become a member of  the obesity club you are likely to become addicted to food. Your body may become distorted. You will soon find yourself drowning in a big bowl of thick, creamy, depression, topped off with a heaping helping of very low self-esteem. This is just the beginning of life in this club of misery.

Does this description make you want to join, or perhaps sign your children up for life?

The first thing most people ask me is how I lost 170 pounds with no surgery. They want to know what magic diet it was. I tell them most diet plans will help them to lose weight, but there’s a more important question they should be asking: “How did you get so fat in the first place?”

If we don’t find and fix the root of obesity, anyone of us could be Obesity’s Child for life. Obesity doesn’t discriminate; it just takes prisoners!

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