There Will Be A Last Day:

Friend, there will be a ‘Last Day.’ What if it is today? Are you ready to slip into eternity? Regardless if the rapture comes today or not, it very well could be your ‘last day.’ We will all have a Last Day. We make the choice now while we are on this earth. Once you leave here the choice has been made…one way or the other. It’s like jumping off a diving board, once you jump…you’re going into the water, like it or not.


God offers us salvation through accepting His Son as our Savior. If we receive Jesus as our personal Savior, we have eternity with Him. If we do not accept this precious, and costly Gift, we will spend eternity in everlasting torment without Jesus. We are all just one breath away from eternity somewhere.


Today at church 3 people made a very wise choice. They received The Lord as their personal Savior. There were no fireworks, no earthquakes, no banners dropping from the ceiling; but the angels in heaven were having a party because an extraordinary thing happened. These people passed from eternal death, to everlasting life with God. That, my friend is a BIG DEAL!!! That was just the first service!


Simply ask the Lord to forgive you, and save you, He’s waiting for ya.