Give Them a Fair Chance

In case you might not have noticed, kids nowadays are not just heavier, but sicker as well. There are so many diseases that center around obesity that would probably shock you. Take gall bladder issues for instance. The gallbladder's main function is to store bile, which helps the body break down and digest fats that we eat. When we over eat fatty foods, the GB has to overwork to break down the on slot of fats. A huge percentage of children, as well as teens, and adults are consuming large amounts of fat every day. (Unhealthy fat I should add.) When we begin to overwork such young body organs, they tend to lose the ability to work properly. Many kids are in jeopardy of having a sick, unhealthy body by the time they are pre-teens. That’s just not fair to them when it could have been prevented.

Many people today think the 3 main food groups are, fast, fat, and frozen. The  no, or low sugar foods are packed with fat to bring on the taste people crave.

Here’s a shocker….thin kids are getting just as sick!

I see thin kids all the time with such dreadful eating habits of the same high fat, and sugar meals. They just don’t show it on the outside. They are having many of the same health issues though. High fat tends to make us tired as well. When we take on a sedentary life style we just get worse.


We as parents or guardians need to re-think how we nourish our children, and the entire family for that matter. Are we feeding them for a long, healthy life with a sound mind and strength, a life of health issues, or premature death?

Make the change.