Keeping Our Word

Keeping our word is one of the biggest definers of our character. It would be a wise thing to measure our words and promises before be speak. This happens more than you might think and from people you wouldn’t expect it from. I think part of the problem is we get excited about something and at the moment we truly intend to keep our word, but easily forget. This is especially damaging to young people and teens. They look at most adults with honor and respect. When we fail to keep our word we can literally change the course of a young person’s life.   Young people want so much to trust anyone in a leadership position, be it a parent, older sibling, youth leaders, pastors, teachers, or grandparents. (Not conclusive list) but you get the point.


For instance….”I’ll call you…Let’s get together… Meet me at this time… I’d love to talk with you… I’ll take you… I’ll buy you….I’ll be there. You get the point. Think how much you as an adult are affected by someone not keeping their word and then put yourself in the place of a young person, or teen that is working on trust issues already, just by being young with so many changes happening to them, inside and out.

Consider your own kids, or grandkids. How would you feel if someone your child respected, and honored promised, or gave their word to them and never came through on it? Then consider if it happened more than once.

I think it’s a wiser thing to be more careful when we speak, or just keep our word, even if it costs us. Don’t you?

May the Lord open the eyes of our understanding on this, and may He help us correct it.