Many of you know I am a hospital chaplain. Wow, what a rewarding ministry. Although the beds are full, the ER busy 24 hours a day, and the doctors, nurses, technicians, and housekeeping staff are hustling every minute of every day, it is an amazing thing the watch.

They are wonderful! They all know just what to do and when to do it. Each and every staff member is greatly needed and appreciated. Although thay may not realize it, but one could not get the job done without the other.

If the housekeeping were not there to clean, and sanitize the surgical rooms, the doctors could not do the surgeries without spreading germs. If the docs weren’t there, there wouldn’t be a surgery, therefore no need to clean the rooms. If the nurses were not there nothing would get done. If the techs were not there, the doctors wouldn’t know where to operate. If the Chaplains weren’t there, there would be no spiritual care, prayers, and comfort.

God made the church like that as well. We all have a part to do, and we need to get busy and do it. Without each other, things just won’t get done like they should.

We need to help each other to do their very best at what they are called to do. Don’t be like a bucket of crabs climbing over each other to get to the top! No, let’s give each other a lift up. Let’s help someone else get to the place they need to be…How’s that?