We are in a generation of compromisers. Sorry to say, that many Christians are falling into this category. This ought not to be. We expect the world to compromise, to give into their flesh, to do things that are not always above board. That is just what many in the world do. It’s their character, their nature, if you would. We can’t fault a dog for barking or a bird from singing. That is their character, that’s what they do, and sinner’s sin. Before I received Christ as my Savior, I was good at what I did. Sin was just a way a life.

When we, as Christians compromise on what God’s Word says, we set ourselves up to be used and abused. We are letting people know that our word doesn’t mean much. Compromise tells people that there is an element of fear in us. It allows others to take advantage of an un-sureness that is abiding in us. We need to let our yes be yes and our no be no. Whatever the cost, and sometimes it will cost you, but your character stands. God likes that!


Stay on God's side. It just works better!

Chaplain Lois Peres